Debbie Sensei’s Japanese Christmas!

Christmas Day in Japan is always a bitter sweet time of the year.


1. It always feels like the “calm after the storm”. The weeks building up to christmas is full of christmas games, present giving, cake eating and end of year parties. Running around making sure there is enough cupcakes and cream for the kids parties and enough wine for the adult parties would drive any sane person just a bit little crazy. And then, suddenly on the 22 or 23 of December……………nothing.



2. Being away from family and friends in a foreign country can be hard. Although, I am slowly getting used to this, it still never really feels “right”. (Santa is also not as kind)

3. WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Growing up in Australia, most of my favourite xmas memories involve water sports, BBQs and tanned bronze skin. Christmas in the middle of winter has never really grown on me. I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t like the cold either.  


Luckily for me, I have a few things that have always saved christmas and made it extra special. 

1. Good friends

My best friend lives in Osaka and no matter what ups and downs we have been through throughout the year, we always make it a point to meet up during the winter break, whether it be for christmas or New Year shenanigans. I also have a few Japanese friends that I always make it a point to see over the break. 


2. My Pooch 

It was 4 years ago, just before christmas that this little fur-ball came home to live with me. “Molly” has seen many ups and downs and brings new meaning to the age old saying “Dog is a (WO)mans best friend”!What would I do without her?


All in all, the silly season has its happy, crazy and calming qualities. 

How will you be spending your winter break?


XMAS back


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